April 19, 2017

Race and Event Support

Professional pop up sports therapy service and dedicated Team Support designed to help athletes maximise performance and prevent injuries at your race or event.


Find us in 2018!…

PMBA 2 Day Epic, Graythwaite 5th and 6th May 2018

About the race: Epic by name, Epic by nature. Full on technical stages set in the most picturesque landscape and idyllic race arena in the parkland in front of the manor house!

We will be providing sports therapy for the riders of this event on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th afternoon and evening.

See you there!

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Enduro World Series – Team Support

We will be providing dedicated team support on the Enduro World Series on the following dates:

12th-13th May, France

30th June-1st July, Austria/Slovenia

21st-22nd July, Italy

22nd – 23rd September, Spain

29th – 30th September, Italy

We are fully booked for EWS team support 2018

Trans Madeira 5th – 9th June

About the race: Five days of racing, more than 200km covered, more than 25 special stages, 100 riders. East to west, north to south, all four corners of Madeira in one unique event.

We will be providing Sports Therapy services for the riders of this race on Monday 4th June until and including Friday 9th June!

See you there!


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Ard Rock – 3rd – 5th August

About the race: A special 45km loop (measured in country miles) with 6 Alpine-style stages on natural rock-strewn terrain.

We will be providing sports therapy services from Friday 3rd August until and including Sunday 5th August!

See you there!

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Ard Moors 15th – 16th September

About the race:

The Ard Moors Enduro presented by Enve starts from the scenic Lord stones Country Park on the edge of the North York Moors National Park. It takes in the highest hills on the moors, old-school classic DH tracks, steep woods and stunning single track.

We will be providing the riders of this event with sports therapy from Friday 14th – Sunday 16th September.

See you there!


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PMBA – 6th – 7th October Lee Quarry and Havoc

About the race: The series finale and its back to a key PMBA venue, well venues as this round is our adventure round. Six stages over a 23 mile loop with big moorland transitions on the rights-of-way network connect Lee Quarry and Havok bike park

We will be providing sports therapy services from Friday 5th until and including Sunday 7th October.

See you there!


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PMBA – 13th -14th October Hopetech Women Gisburn Forest

About the race: The 2nd running of the Hopetech Womens enduro, subsidised by Hope Technology we bring you 3 trail centre stages in this taster enduro.

We will be providing sports therapy services from Friday 12th until and including Sunday 14th October.

See you there!

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Services we bring to your event


Physical Therapy and Sports Massage

Therapist applying pressure on male leg - hand massage of human calf muscle

Repetitive and extreme movements from sport can lead us to overcompensate, stress our muscles, fascia and other connective tissue causing us restriction in our soft tissue, impaired muscle function and less fluidity and power in our movement. Specialist soft tissue work can help you improve the fluidity of your movement by reducing myofascial adhesions and helping your body to utilise efficient and effective movement patterns.  Read more >

Muscle Activation

Physiotherapist is doing an activation of the diaphragm. Massage to a man patient in silhouette studio on white background

These simple and highly effective activation techniques allow you to make dramatic changes to incorrectly functioning muscles. We help you make immediate shifts in performance, energy and speed. As well as this these changes help you improve any dysfunctional movement patterns, helping prevent injury and chronic pain, allowing you to unlock your body’s full potential and dramatically increase your energy.

Injury Prevention

Man Suffering from knee pain, leg pain and injury concept.

We know how much an injury can impact your training, your performance and the impact it can have on your whole life. We use blended techniques of functional movement training, strengthening and stretching, yoga, mindfulness for sport, balance and proprioceptive training and sports specific conditioning. Read more >


Facilitated Stretch Therapy

Sport therapist massaging leg of an athlete

This assisted stretching service uses techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to help develop and improve flexibility for your sport.



Choosing the right kind of foods to fuel your body can have a profound effect on your sporting performance and athletic ability. Our food packages are carefully chosen to provide you with top quality and convenient fuel for your race or event.

Yoga for Athletes 

Downhill mountain bike ride at sunset

Sports specific yoga sequences help you create the balance your body needs to maintain and improve your performance as well as help keep you free from injury. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation techniques can also help you improve your focus, your decision-making, reduce your fear, improve your confidence and reaction times, and as a result improve your overall performance.

Support for Your Team

Experience the benefits of a dedicated prevention and treatment programme designed specifically to support your club or team. We work with the unique movements of your sport to develop a strategy that can help your team stay strong and flexible and free from injury.

Team support consists of blended techniques of remedial massage therapy, muscle activation, support taping, acute injury management, facilitated stretch therapy, functional movement training, sports specific yoga, mindfulness for sport, meditation, balance and proprioceptive work as well as sports specific nutrition. We can provide food for your race or event. We blend this into an integrated package which is unique for your team.

Bodywork, massage and facilitated stretch therapy treatments for your team or club can be organised to suit your training times, your race or event. We set up therapeutic equipment at your team venue for your convenience.



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