March 9, 2018

Body & Mind


Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to help you become more mindful, reduce your chronic aches and pain, improve your posture, reduce your stress hormones, improve the strength and flexibility of your body and dramatically improve your health.


Meditation is an excellent way to reduce the negative effects of stress and help you become more present in your sport, activity and day-to-day life. When you meditate, you will experience an automatic slowing of your thoughts and a progressive calming of your mind and body leading to a silent, peaceful and revitalised state of consciousness.



When you practise mindfulness, you will become present in each moment. You can notice your fears and anxiety disappear and enjoy real contentment in those moments. You can practise mindfulness during daily activities,  during sport and in your day-to-day life.




Pilates focuses on movements that strengthen deep stabilising muscles and help improve joint mobility to help use move more fluidly.  As a rehabilitation exercise Pilates can help you improve pain and recover from injury by focusing on improving muscle function in weaker areas. Exercises are often supported and specifically help you to reduce your stress hormones, as well as elicit a deep relaxation response.

 Strength Training


The right kind of exercise is essential to help you keep your body strong, improve your body shape, reduce your stress hormones, maintain your lean tissue, improve your confidence, improve your metabolism, and protect your joints, especially as you age. Keeping your body strong also prepares you for everyday activities and sports, as well as helping to prevent injury, chronic pain and disease.


Therapeutic Exercise and Stress Reduction


Our bodies are constantly responding to the demands we place on them both physically and mentally. Our busy lives often lead us to fatigue and low levels of energy. The right kind of exercise can support the reduction of stress whilst allowing you to confidently strengthen your body and perform in sport or activity.